Free Plagiarism Check

What exactly is a plagiarism checker? How does it work? Why bother with one anyway?

At all levels of academia, plagiarism is becoming a greater concern. In response, plagiarism checkers have become increasingly important to instructors checking their students’ work and to students double-checking that they have not acidently plagiarized. But why do these people bother at all? Teachers and professors want to ensure that their students are turning in quality, original work. Students want to avoid the serious consequences of plagiarism, accidental or otherwise. Many schools, colleges, and universities have introduced very strict sanctions against plagiarism and cheating at all levels. They have done this in response to an upsurge of students turning in plagiarized content found on the internet. Some academic institutions have become so strict that they even allow a single plagiarized sentence to be grounds for expulsion.

Why using a Plagiarism Checker is a Good Idea

When a student uses a plagiarism checker, they guarantee that their work is completely original and prevents accidentally plagiarizing another person’s work. This is very easy to do when you are juggling many different sources, facts, and figures.

The average person writes a paper in the following manner:

  • They pick a research question
  • They choose a methodology to precipitate their research
  • They gather research materials and investigate
  • They outline
  • They write

It is very easy to mistake original analysis with someone else’s if you do extensive research with many different sources. When trying to balance research with original analysis, it can become confusing to know if it is really yours.

Enter Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker simply eliminates any confusion. You just put it through the software and then it will give you a report on different problem areas with duplicate content. It will specifically do the following:

  • A plagiarism checker will give you an accurate percentage of the non-original, un-cited material
  • It will give an percentage of how many quotes are used
  • It will indicate any suspicious text

Each of the following aspects will be color-coded for your convenience so that you can plainly see where your problem areas are.

What are you waiting for? Don’t become another senseless victim of accidental plagiarism! Use the free plagiarism-detecting software at PlagTracker today and protect your academic integrity.